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My name is Mark Grunow and I've had a passion for computers for most of my life.  I started some basic web design back in 2008 while working for a business that sold snowmobiles, ATV's, motorcycles, and of course all the gear to go along with those units.  I managed their site on a daily basis doing anything from adding new units for sale, to posting sale items, to creating new pages on the site.  I was taught some basic HTML and web design from a company called Power Sports Network which was our website hosting company.  Since then I have created and manage several Facebook pages, and recently have designed several working live websites.  I have decided to start a business of website design, and if there is a demand for it, website management as well.  


What I am offering is a very competitively priced option to most other website designers.  I can creating a simple website, or if you prefer, I will build you a complex website that may or may not need constant changes due to seasonal changes and or sales.  If you are interested in talking with me, please feel free to email and I would be happy to go over your website options with you.

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